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Looking for a quality Trim machine

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  • Looking for a quality Trim machine

    Hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing a hand crank trimmer. How do you guys feel about these things, do they work well? Can you recommend a quality brand that wont break after a couple pounds. I'm also looking for the largest one I can find that uses human power, no electric or gas. I will still hand trim my monster buds but I sure could use some help on the smalls as my eyesight and trimmin' fingers are not what they once were. Do these things really save you that much time? Can I use dry buds in these things or are they just for wet trimming. Thanks for your input.imagesCAGWZ1SP.jpg

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    Hand trim it. Trimmers suck. Waste of money imo


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      Sorry to hear about your eyes and fingers. My thumb often gets sore while trimming and I imagine it will get worse in time.

      I think your best bet is to hire a helper, or trim away smaller branches in early flower (so you don't get much popcorn in your harvest).

      Those machines will murder your bud quality.


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        only good trimmer is over $1000


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          Machines are rough!!! However.... I have a trim pro automatic I'd let go for 1k :) But i do agree they do a bit too much chewing.


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            I am all for hand trimming -no machine could ever compare ...but sometimes hand trimming or hiring help is not an option like in such said case so Im curious; Has any1 actually used this type of trimmer before? They look good on utube but Ive never talked to any1 that actually gave it a go before labeling it the trichome reaper


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              Why put out the effort to grow top shelf, only to bash the crap out of the finished product?

              Automatic trimmers = kief-o-matics, imho

              My buds are photo quality!
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                Probably one of the best you can buy right here, from the looks of it, wish I had the $$$ to try her out....
                This thing looks like a badass trimmer, but MSRP's at $10K!
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