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Need help identifying what's on my plants.

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  • Need help identifying what's on my plants.

    Hey guys, I'm helping my buddy out who just noticed this on one of the pineapple express girls. She's three weeks into flower and has been receiving only water with some bone meal/bloodmeal mixed into the soil every few weeks or so. She was watered yesterday and this just popped on the outter edges of the soil. IMG_20130326_124606_306.jpg

    It might be hard to tell from the picture but it looks like white webby stuff that is embedded like ~1/2 inch into the soil. Almost like one of those spider nests you see in the ground but I know this probably isn't a spider lol.

    The temps are sitting around 75ish and relatively dry humidity due to the area. The l;ady has been sitting in a 3gal smart pot for around two months now in foxfarm ocean forest soil. The plant itself is extremely healthy (least as far as I can tell). I can't see any signs of deficiencies or any kind of nute burn.

    Any ideas on what it is and/or how to deal with it would be much appreciated.


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    Stick your finger in it and see if there is a spider lol ;)


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      lol no way broski, arachnophobia to the max >.>

      just checked, no spiders.
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        Looks like a spider web. The part by the big white rock looks like a tunnel for the web. Rake it under and see if it comes back.


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            Originally posted by Vladamyr View Post
            That;'s what I was thinking. I put some great white in my water for feeding my hosta babies and a week later I had similar looking shit on the surface of half of them
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              Fungi! No worries just carry on as if everythings normal. Maybe add one more day between waterings.


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                I'll make sure to let the plant dry out pretty good before watering next and maje sure he does the same. If it is fungi the lack of moisture should keep it from thriving if my thinking is right. Hopefully it'll clear up.

                Thanks for the replies everyone.


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                  If you mixed it in with your water. That spot that looks like web could be were you poured the water.

                  I had something similar when using smart pots. The moisture on the outside of the pot would let the Mychorhizea grow that white fuzzy stuff on the sides of the pots .... down where they stayed damp.