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Reopened 3.21.2021 Special Thanks to Ras Kaya Paul for his contributions to this project.
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Can anyone help with compasion help? VERY low income

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  • Can anyone help with compasion help? VERY low income

    Hello....I'm a low income MMJ patient on SSI. I'm in the Covington area now, recently moved. I have fibromyalgia, bulging disks, migraines, TMD, permanent/painfull nerve damage in both legs and feet, sciatica, comes and goes, bursitis. My daughter finally had her nerve transplant surgery a few weeks ago. She was in a very bad car accident in September. It took 15 hrs, but so far she's doing ok for the situation. Helps living in house to recover. Plus my grandbabies moved in with me so I take care of them to. I was wondering if anybody could possibly help with compassion donation? Living in house is much more expensive, but worth it for my family's will being. Taking care of everyone really increases my pain and I need to keep going. I have finally been able to start a small garden, would like a few plants if anyone knows a affordable donation or discount? Thank you for all your compassion and understanding as I have posted for help in past.

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    Hi again...just letting everyone know that I go to seattle 4 to 5 days a week to take my daughter to dr appoinments. Just in case anyone can help with compassion donation. So I am mobile. I'm having a hard time with my pain and weight. Find that Indica works well with appetite, and medibles, tinctures help with the fibro. Take care :}


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      hello..I just posted on thc list since no one is able to help with compassion donation...I will delete this once I figure it out...everyone take care...thank you...passion


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        Hit me up with a PM passion. i'm over an hour North from covington but I can probably help you out if we schedule it right.


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          Hi Passion, glad to see you are still around =) would love to donate some of those candies of mine you love so much! I make chewy jollys now and taffy, call me sometime
          "Have the wisdom of the crone with the eyes of a Yearling."


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            I can donate some butter, you could make cookies or something.